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How it Works

1) Order your tracks and fill out the forms about your project - Order Now

2) We record your track and send you a preview for your approval

3) Approve the track or make changes

4) Pay for the track and receive your multitrack drum files via download



How much does it cost?

$150 Per Song


  •  One free modification to your track (Each additional change is $25 per change)
  •  Multitrack drums including Kick, Outside Kick, Snare, Under Snare, Hi Hat, 3 Tom tracks, Stereo Overheads, Stereo FX tracks (usually Squashed rooms) Room Ambience

Available for Purchase:

  •  Percussion Parts: $25 per part (Shaker $25, Congas $25, etc.)
  •  Processed stereo drum mix: $40
  •  Songs with unusual complexity or longer than 4 minutes in length may require an additional fee.
  •  Beat Detective: If you want your tracks absolutely locked to the grid: $40

Can I ask for changes?

Absolutely! Tweak it till its PERFECT!

A modification is any change made to the drum tracks we've recorded. Changing fills, beats or even an entire section of your song.

Your first modification is free of charge.
(Additional modifications are only $25 each.)

You are free to ask for as many modifications as you like until your 100% satisfied with our drum tracks.

Want multiple passes for editing options? no problem
Ask for an additional or different take for editing options or to try a different feel, etc: $50

Is there a guarantee?

100% money-back guarantee!
On your first order.


What can I send you?

We need two stereo mixed files. 1) a full mix of your song including a sample drum part if you have it. 2) a Stereo mix of all elements of your song WITHOUT PROGRAMMED OR OTHER DRUMS. Drum loops that you want us to play to, shakers, etc. are OK and helpful.

To get the best results from Studio Drums Now:

  •  Put two bars of clicks in the beginning of your tracks and place the BPM (the tempo) in the file name (example: My_Tune_120BPM.mp3). If the song has tempo changes we will need a standard midi file to import into Pro Tools.
  •  Send us your files as MP3 or wavs
  •  Send us a reference track; either a version of your song with an example of the drum part/groove that you want or a song whos drum part is similar to what you want.
  •  A chart is helpful for us to record your track in a timely manner. We can make a chart for you for:$20

Here are some common mistakes:

  •  Its not possible to record drums over drums.
  •  If youve created your own beats, loops or midi drum tracks, dont include them in the mix you want us to listen to while recording your track. Its very hard to play while theres another drum track in the background.

  •  All we need is a mix.
  •  Send us a simple MP3 mix. Please do not send a complete project. All we need is a simple mix of your song without drums and possibly some reference tracks for us to listen to.

  •  A steady tempo is important.
  •  Unless told otherwise we will play your song to the grid. If we receive your song and it is not in sync with the grid (Beats and bars) a determination must be made on how to proceed.

How do I send my files?

You will be able to upload your files to our site during the ordering process. these files should include 1) a stereo track to record to without drums. 2) The same stereo file with example drums in your mix OR a different reference track with drum parts similar to your song. 3) a pdf chart for us to follow.

How long does it takes?

Your drum tracks preview will be ready usually within 48 hours.

An expedited service is also available

After approving the preview, we will upload your files and notify you when the files are ready for downloading.

How can I pay?

You can pay for your drum tracks via Paypal or by Credit Card

Who owns the tracks?


We record our drum tracks on a work for hire basis. You own all of the rights of the recording and can publish or sell your song without our consent.




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